Souter Seashore Safari

We popped along to Souter Lighthouse whilst we were up in Sunderland this week and noticed the revised times for the seashore safaris. So for anyone with children, staying at Thistledowne or elsewhere, here is a photo of the latest times for the safaris.

The safaris allow children to see marine life in its own environment whilst rangers are on hand to show the children the best places to look. For those parents who may not be able to identify anything other than a crab and a starfish then the rangers can help put a name to the more puzzling creatures.

Children of any age are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult and the price is £1. Nets and buckets will be provided by the National Trust but you can take your own or those that we provide at Thistledowne. The rocks can be slippery so wear good shoes. There is no need to book, just meet the ranger at the stated time in Foghorn field (the field next to the lighthouse).

For those who don’t know the area Souter Lighthouse is about 4 miles north of Thistledowne. Follow the coast road and Souter Lighthouse (a National Trust property) and the Leas will be signposted.

There is a tea shop at the lighthouse for those who prefer the indoor life!

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